Abstract Reflections

“The parts of the human brain involved in emotions are stimulated by viewing art or viewing something the viewer thinks is art. A viewers’ experience gazing at pleasing architecture is similar to what is experienced in an art museum or gallery and architectural contemplation can have the same health benefits as meditation.

My newest artistic endeavor is titled “Abstract Reflections” – photographic images of reflections in glass-clad buildings.  Glass-clad buildings, due to the varying physical properties of glass, reflect abstractions of the world around them. Each building is constructed differently and each window in any given building reflects light differently. Many times, depending upon time of day and my angle of view, portions of these abstractions have very appealing compositions.  Sometimes these compositions are recognizable as reflections of other buildings and/or their specific architectural elements, and other times the reflected abstractions are not recognizable as representing any real-world object.  I like the rigid constraints of the man made window frame rectangles that control the abstractions. It’s like how we are all consigned to a societal box, but within each box we display our own unique individuality.”