The 2015 “ki Lum ki Wah” Wall Calendar

“ki Lum ki Wah” is in the Khasi language and means “Hills and Rivers.” The Khasi tribe’s homeland is in the state of Meghalaya, in northeast India, and is famous for its hills and rivers. The calendar was commercially printed in Meghalaya. Print run was 1,000. Size is 17” wide and 24.5” long. (Coming Soon!)

The purpose of the calendar was to raise people’s awareness of the uniqueness and preciousness of their natural environment, and to encourage them to save it because it is irreplaceable, and also to treat it with great respect because it nurtured and shaped them as a distinct group of people. We especially wanted to educate the young people of Meghalaya. It was written from my wife’s perspective as she is Khasi, one of the three main tribes of Meghalaya, and we tried not to be preachy, or scolding, but rather accentuate the positive.

Calendars were mostly given away to friends and family around the world, donated to schools, or were given to needy local people who then sold them and kept the money, although several hundred were sold as part of our ongoing market research.
“ki Lum ki Wah” was the second in a trilogy of calendars: the first was the 2014 “ka Um” (Water) wall calendar, and the third will be the 2017 “u Maw” (Rocks) wall calendar, to be printed in the Fall of 2016, and to be for sale here on this website as well as in shops in Meghalaya. Many, if not most, villages in Meghalaya begin with the words Um-, Maw-, Lum- or Wah, hence the trilogy, and the people there are very much tied to their land. However, development, logging, agriculture and mining are fast eradicating the rich fauna and flora of this beautiful place.